All Department; Home; Categories. Dog boots tend to be sold either in pairs or in sets of four. Considerations for selecting dog boots Number of boots. The first suspect on the list of best dog booties is from a known dog company, Ultra Paws. If you're buying dog boots to protect your dog's paws from heat, cold, or injury, it makes sense to buy a set of four, since your pup will be wearing a boot on each paw. From dog booties to helmet lights, rig bags to carabiners: Everything you need for your husky and sled dog team. This is where you can find everything you need to know about Sled Dogs Snowskates. Sled dog boots available. 6 Best Dog Booties (aka Dog Boots That Stay On) 1 Ultra Paws Durable Boots. Dog Shoes, Booties and Socks Give your pup a little extra paw protection. Our dogboots protect active dogs' paws against injury and harsh ground. Hockey, Figure, Roller Derby, Roller Blading skaters take to the slopes. Dog Sleds, Dog Sleds for Sale, Dog Sledding, Harnesses, Ganglines, Tug Lines, Sled Bags, Dog Booties, Snow Hook, Skijoring Fully waterproof dog boots available. Ice and snow can pack between the toes and can cause small cuts and discomfort to a dogs paw. I bet you’re wondering why a dog would need booties. Welcome to the next stage of evolution! The Destination for Premium Outdoor Dog Gear Since 1972, Ultra Paws has been providing pet parents with high-quality products for their active lifestyles. Dog Scooters. The bootie stops this ice packing from happening. Best for snow and used by sled dogs, hunting dogs and other active dogs. muttluks is committed to making this world a better place step by step… paw by paw. With more than 45 years of experience, we have become a category leader in the outdoor pet products market. starting with compassion for dogs and radiating out to encompass people, pets and the planet. Pets can walk in comfort and style while being safe on snow and ice with winter dog boots. In the summer, waterproof booties and sporty sandals are good for hot pavement or the dusty trail. The original dog boot, since 1994. Cordura dog boots, uncoated, flexible, light and comfortable. Skates on Snow - Like on Ice. Dog Scooter; Dog Scooter Accessories and Spare Parts; Dog Scooter Kits; Dog Harness. , Wien , Österreich (Austria) - Riesige Tretrollerauswahl mit Top Qualität. "Pawsitive" relief with 7 models of dog boots to suit your dog’s activities and all climates. The dog boots securely stay on working and sporting dogs, shield wound dressings and alleviate lameness caused by cuts and bruises. We offer volume discounts at 100. Booties protect a dogs paws just like shoes protect your human paws. See our Boot Selection Chart to help choose the best fit for you and your dog. But for booties on snow and ice, the 330 works just fine. The Real Dog Equipment Company, Otago, New Zealand - Family run business since 2001, all sled dog supplies from booties to sleds, all made in NZ for NZ conditions.