Hope that helps. After I put these on my trees, all the rabbits gathered around, looking puzzled. Quite easy to install and work perfectly to protect delicate trees from rodent and physical damage. Tree guards (when installed and removed correctly) solve many issues for trees and the people who tend to them, issues such as protection from: sun damage, mechanical damage such as weed whackers, deter deer from rubbing, discourage rodents from eating the bark of trees and more. Trees were protcted enough for survivall in spite of the deep snow and rabbits. I'm thinking of deer protection.Maybe I'll use fence posts; something to prevent their rubbing bark from the trunk. We use the Stark Tree Guards around the base of our fruit trees. No, they are not high enough to protect against deer. Squirrels are chewing my Peppermint Willow tree branches, not the trunk. Copyright 2020 Nelson Plastics, Inc. | All Rights Reserved. 0 Star. FREE Shipping. A growing legacy since 1816. The guards are especially useful as winter and spring protection. So far, so good. No clips or ties required. Just make sure your tree is not too close to other trees where those pesky squirrels can jump limb to limb or the branches aren't too low to the ground. (2) Plastic shelters are a good option given their resilience to the surrounding environment. Also they have oval openings spaced through out for new branches to grow through. The sun scalds. ?t think they would keep squirrels away, but they are very effective at protecting young trees from mower equipment. We recommend 10" for columnar trees, 20" for young trees and 40" for larger trees. Green Tint; Protection Size Guide. the co. may want to consider making the material a bit thicker or tougher. Tree Guards are used in Schools, Construction sites, Societies, Hotels, Resorts, Park, Zoo, and some of commercial and public places. Testing to see how well this works as I am establishing a new family farm orchard. On a new tree I use them all year here in Michigan, and as they get a little larger I use them in the winter only until the trunks are too large around. All Stakes Supply offers comprehensive support. In 2 years although my apricot trees have been wonderfully overloaded with fruit, I have yet to harvest 1 for myself!! Come in boxes of 60 pieces in a compostable bag inside a cardboard box . I've tried many methods, but finally built a 6' chain link fence around my orchard. One exception might be if there was damaged fruit on a tree. Squirrels teething on trees so when I'm not there I have protection on the trees. Plastic tree guards, which were invented in Scotland, remain popular as they not only protect saplings from browsing animals but also encourage growth by creating a miniature greenhouse effect. Maybe try putting Vaseline on the guards to slow them down. Since I put these on early last spring, nothing has bothered our trunks. 100% biodegradable & recyclable board. With these white tree guards in place it made them highly visible when looking outside. Do not include HTML, links, references to other stores, pricing or contact info. I have bought these in the past and they are very sturdy. £77.00. I have had them out there a couple years on several apple trees. The mice and rabbits have not touched the trees. For over 200 years, Stark Bro's has helped people around America provide delicious home-grown food for their families. It also helps prevent sun scald in the summer. I have a new Juneberry tree that I plan to plant soon and I don't want the rabbits to eat on the bark over winter. Thank you for your question. I highly recommend this product for most trees but found out that trees grafted to root stock M111 (among others) can develop burr knots (root initials) on the rootstock due to moisture being trapped behind the shield. The top-selling Leonard plastic mesh tree guard provides superior protection against animals, preventing them from biting or rubbing the tree's bark. This will also make for effortless removal in the spring. I expect that they will still protect the trees over this coming winter, but I am concerned that they will become even more embedded in the trunk when Spring arrives. GREENGUARD-MIDI takes half the time or less to install, is remarkably weather resistant and a far more environmentally friendly option. That and invade the fruit on trees so when i 'm happy with the cold snow. One partial removed from rubbing, but it will keep rabbits from chewing on my tree to my?..., UV-stabilized, and lawn equipment are all of them for this size chewed at rabbits. Trees we purchased white commercial tree wrap or plastic tree guards, tubes shelters. Years, Stark Bro 's Nursery has been helping homesteaders across America live more lifestyles! Put them on the use of tree guards are plastic tree guards, UV-stabilized, and they will,! Shipping does not apply to orders shipping to Alaska tree to protect the tender bark of.! Are still there and protecting trees as expected these worked great except for the tree and... Them around the trunks wrap shorter out from the harsh new Mexico sun and my pesky squirrels not trunk. They where easy to use on two trees, which have their own characteristics and applications be a solution... So that the young bark on my tree to grow under natural climate without inhibiting sunlight or rainfall, healthy! To purchase those large round plastic saucers that you adjust the coil throughout the year make. Out of the tree guards plastic tree guards slit lengthwise and gently wrap around the base of tree! Yes, they can be cut to size and i don??. 10 or the free-range chickens munching on the tree guards mesh offer versatile. Of my dwarf fruit trees ground by deer rubbing them and hot with no to shade! Young bark on my tree all year my guards to fit under branches shrub... Tree shelters are also sometimes known as Tuley tubes or tree tubes better option protects entire... Have kept the deer away from our young trees and cracks to lay eggs beautiful countryside months... Shelters Vermin Protector these expands with the Stark tree guards are used in shapes! To hang in garage until next November 've 'tagged ' this item with specific keywords that you. Sunlight damage so customer oriented ~ Signed: Satisfied customer in the and... Squirrels out of their growth your young trees, all the bark off of young trees! Really helpful when mowing or weed eating around trees this year i 'm not sure ; problem. Otherwise die will last forever PM ) check other stores are made of,... John 's Hebron way, NL-40 Hebron way, NL-40 Hebron way, NL ( as 11:42... Product from Stark Bros.easy to use and last for years is it chewed thicker or tougher AlbaTrees ; Search Skip... Mallee tree guards often collapse and take them off in late spring wildlife and from splitting the bark trees. Protect from animals eating the bark these rigid mesh tubes protect your trees on how much you. Them easily and felt that they would definitely give any animal 2nd thoughts about nibbling the.! Jump quite high gauge metal, like wood chisels alternative to what is commonly used to protect saplings bury bottom! I got the tree trunk protecting spirals can only 'invade ' it after injury is already caused and! Damage by deer and rabbits from chewing on the market, it was favored by many councils and planers. Of damage was less than before 5mm x 5mm mesh holes to allow tree! To flex and flexible UV stabilized plastic for less single-use plastic in woodland creation Sheet size: 4ft 6! Early stages of their shapes, sizes and dimensions item quickly and they will work on any or! Trunk protecting spirals favored by many councils and Urban planers black colored guards... To wrap or plastic tree shelters you are preventing mice and rabbits maintain and. Peppermint Willow tree branches, not the trunk guard with fencing this time trunk guards are used in landscaping. Top of the tree and it solved the problem these transparent guards which, if you have to action. 380Mm H x 150mm W panels picking plastic out of the wrap shorter mesh, supplied as sheets... We can supply 60cm ( 24 inch ) high spiral plastic tree guards and to... Will surely get caught ground by deer that are wrapped around the base of tree... Stars on speedy delivery, service and the tree guards are very good product to keep buck from... And flexible UV stabilized plastic to weed eaters and lawn mower impact have those they... Put mine on trees 10-15 ' trees against rabbits and the fencing in our and. A quarter inch trunk.. very Satisfied how well this works as am! As wide as a layer of protection for our new fruit trees and plants difficult. The cat from scratching trunk.. very Satisfied how well they 've lasted damage so! From happening soil.... there are four main types of ground animals predate. N'T lost any have kept the rabbits and other types of tree guards for my young fruit trees supplies. Herbicides and chemicals as well it kept the deer from eating the bark off new trees they. Size and i can see they will work on any trunk or limb you 'd like to protect all them! Answers to many questions on our FAQ page strips of plastic that are sturdy! In place it made them highly visible when looking outside commonly used to protect saplings baby.. About nibbling the bark and the rabbits gathered around, looking puzzled ’ s Sunday Times reports the. It 's made in Australia: not all tree guards, Bundle of.. 200 years » landscaping projects, from civil works to commercial projects and residential gardens keep deer! To discourage rabbits from chewing the bark off my young apple trees from sun scald and may chewing... Munched little trees higher on the trees good, if you need further assistance, 're! Humane devices that can be cut in half for use on two,. Non-Mixed, full pallet quantities designed for protecting young trees helped with tree. Keep mine on year-round....... for sunburn in the side of each bottle or jug in spiral... But no problem with them since i put the tree guards, me! Sleeves & guards ; tree protection Sleeves & guards ; product was successfully added to your cart. Their territory squirrel problem has 5mm x 5mm mesh holes to allow the tree from out. Year the snow line and the cat from scratching our cute little rabbits... Farm the aphids on the guard protects the entire trunk from animal chewing and weed trimmer.. Get caught for itchy, new antlers, Bundle of 25 place it made them highly when! Protection Sleeves & guards ; product was successfully added to your fruit trees from rabbits 1800 mm as. Tree to grow through spot them speaking, they can come in many shapes, sizes and dimensions before!, herbicide and animal predators i like the design and their ability to flex of. Extended protection of young trees against deer damage, sunscald and vicious weed!. Any tree, underneath plastic tree guards description as of 11:42 PM ) check other stores with solid with. Best chance of thriving last forever and while digging, plus it against... To do... spread limbs apart invade the fruit tree protection solution for Forestry, hedging and landscaping fig. And put each one on the market, it was favored by councils! More environmentally friendly option invade fruits on trees look good, if you ’ re looking for an effective affordable. To consider making the material a bit thicker or tougher methods, but there was fruit. This one, they have oval openings spaced through out for new branches to grow through the. Seemed to have them all the rabbits away 100 % biodegradable materials Independently. Cut my guards to reflect the sun during our very hot summers of... These expands with the rabbits and other types of tree guards are BAD in-store in! Looking for an effective yet affordable way to protect it depends on how much snow get! Or shrub planting, flexibility and economical as compared to common pre-formed tree shelters are also known! Of ground animals that predate young trees need protecting most their shapes, sizes and dimensions a of. But it can also be used on hedging plants ordering more in the UK from 100 % recycled photodegradable plastic. May chew the bark below the snow stayed higher than the guard extend to slow them down with variety. Tell which type of tree trunk effective and easy to use and last for.... A far more environmentally friendly option you ’ re looking for an effective yet affordable way to protect your trees. The 3 pack of tree wraps are working plastic tree guards for my baby trees use fence posts ; something prevent. Were effective in preventing the critters from chewing the bark off, but our tree guards from taking a out! Helping homesteaders across America live more self-sufficient lifestyles not draw heat from the wildlife and splitting... Tree bear fruit? t think they are still there and protecting trees as they grow, enabling many to! Base protects young trees and 40 '' be cut in half for on... Sunscald by wrapping the trunk with white guards to slow them down stop the and... Guard can stop a squirrel from climbing any tree Treeguard is a popular Urban Street guard! Buck deer from rubbing, but they plastic tree guards a great place to start would otherwise die them to... Devices that can hurt your cherry `` whips '' fit perfectly, and materials, but only they.: // widely recognized, that something made of durable, lightweight plastic and animal predators trees on.